Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nacht Plank "Maria Sabina Cubensis"

Lee Anthony Norris, AKA Norken, Metamatics and founder of seminal UK label Neo Ouija released the album "Broad Band Tape" under his Nacht Plank alias in 2011 on the US based label Pronounce records.
The album was a beautiful collection of layered soundscapes which covered environmental, ambient, field recordings and glitch and beyond..

July 2012 see's the releases of Nacht Plank "Maria Sabina Cubensis" a strictly limited edition CD remix album. 10 pieces mixed into a melting kaleidoscope of organic cubensis.. windswept weathered tones tangled with memories of a forgotton past forge the new nacht plank album into a sea of an enviromental jumble sale... Human contribtutions from myself, Sense and Tim Koch..Otherworld mixes from Craig Murphy, Joel Tammik and Wil Bolton..Offshore interference from Coppice Halifax, Arbee and Env(itre) and Japanese nuclear scientist Shintaro Aoki..

limited to 50 numbered cds

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dimitar Dodovski "Aluminium Bend EP"

Back in 2008 Neo Ouija records released "Diaspora Cottage Industries 5" a massive double disc collection of high qaulity tracks which showcased many of Neo Ouija's previous artists along with some highly established artist like Move D, Benjamin Brunn. On CD one, Macedonian based new comer Dimitar Dodovski's "Aluminium Bend" really stood out with its infectious dub riffs and pristine soulful nod to Detroit techno.

Some time later through various social networking an opportunity arrived where I was asked to remix the track for a possible future EP release. The first draft I sent was a sort of minimal ambient dub techno mix, it was pointed out to me that the version was a little loopy or static with the drumwork. I planned to re-work additional edits and tweaks to my original idea.

Returning to the track I felt maybe I should move away altogether from  the regular 4/4 structure and worked on a more lively looser feel with a slight Latin vibe which complimented the original elements and the additional  parts I had worked on. Thanks to Dimitar's guidance the remix turned out to be amongst my favorites.

The "Aluminium Bend" EP is to be released on the Japanese based Lantern Records on June 29th along with a remix from Mark Thibideau.