Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mick Chillage Journey thru my house Vol 1

Mick chillage journey thru my house vol 1

Journey thru my house is a deep house megamix, which I created using ableton live back in 2007 most of the tracks have been selected from various CD albums which I have purchased over the years.

Hope you enjoy Mick Chillage


Marco Passarani : Criticize (Sullen Look) peacefrog

Metro : $1.15 Please (Freddie fresh presents abstract funk theory) Obsessive

Glenn Underground : Return to zion (Lounge excursions) guidance

Kerrier district : Lets dance & freak (Kerrier district) rephlex

Jori Holkkonen : Wanna do you (when no one is watching we are invisible ) F comm

Boy robot : we accept all our parents credit cards (rotten cocktails) City centre offices

Sunday brunch : My world (no resistance) Svek

Vince watson : Mystical rhythm (Biologique) Alola

St Germain : IL (from detroit to st germain) F comm

Susumu Yakota : Sky blue (sound of sky) exceptional

Plastique : Laugh gas '98 (Atom tm presents acid evolution 1988-2003) logistic

Sunday brunch : Things you said / night drive mix (no resistance ) Svek

Jorgen Paap : Mit dir (total 4) Kompakt

Chris Grey : Sun needs planet (fish & luvconfushun) fragmented

David Alvarado : My Plea (Mayasongs) peacefrog

The timewriter : the waterfront (Paintbox) Plastic city

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mick Chillage's "Pauls Party Mix" Deep house, funk, old school etc..


This is a mix which was created for Paul Chillage's birthday back in june 09, which I have finally decided to share with you... The mix was recently featured on the sequence radio show [Pulse, RTE] but only one hour was played so here is the full mix in all its beatiful glory ; )

01 Mick Chillage : Departure [Stefano Vozza remix]
02 Norma Jean Bell : Mystery
03 Metro Area : Miura
04 D.O.P : Lion
05 The Timewriter : Handsome Machine
06 Random Factor : Move On
07 React 2 Rhythm : Intoxication
08 Metro Area : Machine Vibes
09 Kerrier District : Yasco
10 The Timewriter : Flicking Pages
11 I Cube : Picnic attack
12 The Timewriter : Blue Sky
13 Spooky : Aqualung
14 Mick Chillage : Pure Blue [Dave anderson remix]
15 Jimpster : Love like this
16 D.O.P. Party Rocking
17 The Timewriter : Heartstrings


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Free Mick Chillage Music

Over the last few years I have released some music with various net labels and shared some tracks on soundcloud etc, with pretty much everything from ambient, house, techno, IDM etc..

Kosmo Net label via soundcloud

Mick CHILLAGE by kosmo netlabel

From Etoka Miniature via souncloud

Mick Chillage - Zero In by EtokaMiniature

07 Mick Chillage - Sightings (original mix) by EtokaMiniature

From my soundcloud page

Deep ambient remix of Radioscotvoid chiptune "I love Special K"

Radio ScotVoid "I Love Special K" Mick Chillage's Black Hole remix by mick chillage

The Beast, Hardcore breaks gabba mashup of Gerry Goldsmiths "Omen" score..

The beast by mick chillage

Early ambient electro recording

Another Night Drive [1997] edit by mick chillage

Another early recording, ambient, IDM..

A Good Nights Bleep by mick chillage

3 track EP "Eye On The City" from

Chicago inspired deep house track

Chicago pad [download limit reached] by mick chillage


Get this track and the full compilation here

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Black Dog - 08 Dark Days, Grey Nights - Ambient DJ Set

The Black Dog return with the final ambient DJ set for the current podcast series, this one is more suited for those who like the darker side of ambient..

The Black Dog - 08 Dark Days, Grey Nights - Ambient DJ Set by The Black Dog

01. David Lynch – The Air Is On Fire – Strange World Music
02. Gas – Untitled – Kompakt
03. Pan Sonic – Wanyugo – Blast First
04. Nocturnal Emissions – Clear Bells – Earthly Delights
05. Alva Noto – Prototype 8 – Mille Plateaux
06. William Basinski – Fringe Area – Raster-Noton
07. Labradford – P – Kranky
08. White Rainbow – Awakening – Kranky
09. The Black Dog – Gate 21 – Dust Science
10. Lustmord & Robert Rich – Undulating Terrain – Fathom
11. Chris Watson – Vatnajokull – Touch

Seefeel Vaults...

The original indie ambient dub masters Seefeel return with first new material for almost 14 years + announce one-off London headline show..

Check out the selection uploaded by Warp records @ Soundcloud..

Seefeel - Faults by Warp Records

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mick Chillage's Old School Classics Megamix

204769186_76f6cbc0051.jpgEveryone has their own definition of what old school is or what classic dance, techno, house, music is, I guess this is a collection of mine.. This mix will hopefully appeal to those who were around in the late 80's to mid 90's and maybe the younger clubber who has an interest in the past.. Also you may notice the dominance of the UK scene in the mix, this is due to the fact that the sound of Detroit & Chicago etc.. had not really penetrated Ireland in the early days except for maybe kevin Saunderson's Inner city project or Rhythim is Rhythim "strings of life" which I originally had in the mix and later removed. In my early years of clubbing I always wanted to hear a perfect mix of my favorite tracks, and sometimes I came very close, but the DJ would usually fuck it up with something like Black box's "ride on time".. or even worse Timmy mallet's "teeny weeny polka dot bikini" which had the ubiquitous "Aw Yeah" Public Enemy sample in it... Anyway fast forward to present day, I am fortunate to have all of these influential tracks in my CD collection and some amazing music making software called ableton I now have what I would call the perfect Dj set of my favorite old school classic's Ok some of the tracks may not be seen by many as classic or even old school, but they just connected with me in that unexplainable way...

Hope you enjoy

Mick Chillage Old School classics megamix
Tracklist :
Inner city : goodlife
Humanoid : Stakker Humanoid
L.F.O : L.F.O
Sweet Exorcist : Testone
A guy called gerald : Voodoo Ray
Meat Beat manifesto : Radio Babylon
Future Sound of London : Papua New Guinea
Depeche Mode : Happiest girl (Orb mix)
Orbital : Chime
Joey Beltram : Energy flash
Hardfloor : Accperiance
Slam : Positive education
Jam & spoon : Stella
Luke Slater : Love (Mick chillage extended edit medley)
808 state : Pacific 202

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Future Sound Of London Essential mix from 1994

FSOL - Earthbeat Studio Session Pt. 1, Essential Mix - BBC Radio 1 1993-12-04 by +dB

"Best Served Chilled" an early mix tape recreated


Finally I have got around to recreating side two of my "Best Served Chilled" mix tape This is an early chillout mix tape I created back in late 1994 using just a Kam dj mixer and two portable CD players with no pitch control.. I painstakingly worked out the mixes relying on the LCD countdown of the CD players and using the faders to blend the tracks. One of the later tapes has mixed by "the Chillage Idiot" written on the inlay card.. A lot of these tapes were passed on to friends and are listened to in far away places like Australia, Ibiza etc..

Thanks to Carl for keeping these cassettes and for sending me copy's of the original inlay cards with the track listings etc.. I have yet to re hear the originals but from my best memory I have recreated the mix digitally and Again all these tracks bring back great memories of a period in electronic music when everything sounded fresh and they had a profound emotional and inspirational impact on me..

Some of you will probably be very familiar with the artists and the tracks on the mix, but for those of you who may be hearing these for the first time,I hope you enjoy the timeless quality of these tracks as much has I have over the years..

Side One :

Reload : the enlightenment (a collection of short stories) Infonet

Brian Eno : an ending ascent (Apollo atmospheres & soundtracks) editions EG

Syzygy : Dreams of flying (Morphic resonance) rising high

Global communication : 4:02 (76:14) dedicated

Future Sound Of London : Flak (Lifeforms) Virgin

Vangelis : Main titles part 2 (Blade runner OST) Warner

Reload : Phase 4 (Auto reload EP) Infonet

Biosphere : Startoucher (Patashnik) Apollo

Pete Namlook : traveling without moving, trip 8 (Air 2) Fax

Reload : the biosphere [Global communication remix](Auto reload EP) Infonet

Side Two :

Track list :

Chapterhouse : Delta Phase (ChapterHouse Blood Music retranslated by Global Communication) Dedicated

Stevie Be Zet : Passion and Hope (Archaic Modulation) Recycle or Die

Future Sound Of London : Dead Skin Cells Virgin

Jam and Spoon : N.A.S.A (Tripomatic Fairy tales 2002) Epic

Banca De Gaia : Shanti (Desert Wind) Planet Dog

Beaumont Hannant : A Summer Spent (Texturology) GPR

Download Best Served Chilled Zip

Monday, July 19, 2010

Electric Deluxe podcasts with Pete Namlook and Atom™

Jochem Paap Aka "Speedy J" who has recorded for labels Warp, Nova Mute etc.. is the Rotterdam based techno producer who runs the Electric Deluxe label. The electric deluxe podcasts are quickly becoming a thing of legend amongst fans of truly cutting edge electronica and techno music, here I present two podcasts by two of Germany's most influential artists and two of my personal favorites.

First is Frankfurt based Pete Namlook who pioneered the next phase of ambient music in the early to mid 90's with his incredibly prolific Fax label, which often released an album a week in the early days. Today the label is still going strong and covering everything from ambient, techno, jazz, IDM, and beyond.

Over the years Pete has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the electronica scene, Ritchie Hawtin, Klaus Schulze, Bill Laswell, Jochem Paap, and Move D to name a few. Pete prefers the term "Environmental" music rather than the often misused "Ambient" title.

Next, Uwe Schmidt Aka Atom Heart, Atom tm and a million other aliases and sometimes collaborator with Namlook as "Jet Chamber" Uwe has pretty much made every kind of electronic music known to mankind but with a unique and distinctive Atom™ sound sometimes with a satyrical look at current trends in music production and modern culture.
Uwe is pretty much one of the first artists to intentionally use digital glitches as an integral part of his compositions, which now has become almost common place.
Uwe moved to South America in the mid 90's as he got bored with the scene in Germany, while there he soaked up the flavors of latin music and the aliases Lisa Carbon and Senor Coconut amongst others were born.. Uwe runs his own label "Rather Interesting" but has released on many many labels like Rephlex, Pod, Fax, and Ninja Tune.

Both mixes include much of their own work along side some of their favorite artists. So wether your a longtime fan or discovering these two great artist for the first time I'm sure you will enjoy..

Electric Deluxe Podcast 014 Pete Namlook by electric deluxe

Electric Deluxe Podcast 022 Atom™ by electric deluxe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anodyne remix EP

Anodyne - Remix EP featuring remixes by Autechre, The Black Dog, Lackluster, Mick Chillage and more..

(Psychonavigation Records)

Corrosion is anodyne's first full length LP in over a decade and is the first official anodyne release since appearing on the Skam : Mask 500 compilation alongside Gescom, Hell Interface & Hakan Libdo.. The albums 12 tracks blended elements of old skool rave, elektro and breakbeat into a darkly beautiful, electronic LP. Since it's initial release word has quickly spread of this unique talent and what now follows seems like the perfect accompaniment. It's deceptively strong stuff [Sean Booth / Autechre] I couldn't recommend this release more highly, It's bloody ace [Rob Hall / Gescom] The artist was keen to involve two of his own personal heroes Autechre & The Black Dog to contribute to the Remix EP. Both acts lend their incredible talent to the remixes and the results are simply stunning. The digital release also features 5 bonus remixes covering everything from Electro House - Acid Breaks - IDM. Anodyne - Remix EP will be officially released as a Limited 12" Vinyl (300) & as a 7 track Digital remix package on August 23rd through the Irish imprint Psychonavigation Records.

You can stream full length mixes here @

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Chillage Idiots XFM 16th July 2010

The Chillage Idiots Xfm 16th July 2010 by The Chillage Idiots

01 - Zulusas: "Glimmer" [Intelligent Toys - We Make Music] Sutemos Net Label


02 - Mark Van Hoen: "Yourself" [Where Is The Truth] City Centre Offices

03 - Izu: "Jumpers" (The Village Orchestra mix) [unreleased] (2006)

04 - The Pad Foundation: "Human Resources" [Late Night Sessions]


05 - Matthew Herbert: "Berlin" [One One] Accidental

06 - Shoosh: "Here Come The Crystals" [Magus] Herb Recordings - Craig Murphy and Neil Carlill - out in August

07 - Plank and Shintaro: "Upstairs" [exclusive] unreleased - for possible future release on Hydrogen Jukebox or Neo Ouija


08 - Move D and Namlook: "Stranger" [Stranger I] Fax +49-69/450464 edit [full track is 34 minutes]

09 - Atom TM: "Suck My Groove" [Music Is Better Than Pussy] Rather Interesting

10 - Monseiur Electronique: "I Really Need You" (Mikele Avatone mix) [I Really Need You] Etokalogue

11 - DJ Sprinkles: "The Occassional Feel-Good" [Midtown 120 Blues] Mule Musiq


12 - Sonnamble: "Heal" [Seven Months In E Minor] Forwind

13 - Enrico Coniglio: "Glaciers Are Coming Closer" [Late Night Broadcast]

14 - Posthuman: "Asha Grew Wings" (LJ Kruzer Remix) [Hilda Family Remixed]

15 - Biosphere / Deathprod: "Katedra Botaniki" [Nordheim Transformed] Rune Grammofon

16 - Beta Two Agonist: "Horta" [A Selection Of Ambient Explorations And Grooves] Databloem


17 - Nachtklangmusik: "Ghost Groove" [Stereotype World] DXR

18 - Conforce: "Intimidation" [Machine Conspiracy] Meanwhile

19 - Gregory Waasawkiboss Davis: "Three Monkeyz Part Tuo" [unreleased] no label at moment


20 - Beaumont Hannant: "A Summer Spent" [Texturology] GPR

Recommend net releases [Ambient]

There's a wealth of unbelievable free legal music on the web, no matter what your taste in music is.. On my blog I will try my very best to feature only the finest quality free electronic music as possible, today I'll start with this incredible compilation of deeply atmospheric and emotive ambient music from Italy..

Enjoy !!

Mick Chillage eclectro electro mix

I'm gonna post links to various mixes I've created over the last few years, thought I'd start with this electro mix I created a few years back..

Most of these are hosted at XFM Dublin's website home of The Chillage Idiots..

Mick Chillage Ableton electro mix was exclusively created for the guys at

who run a fantastic web site dedicated to all things electronic - full of news, features, links to free downloads, mixes etc. The guys ran a feature on my recent breaks mix & many more Mick Chillage related works. Paul Chillage suggested that I might do an exclusive electro mix for their site and when I put it to them - their response was something that I could not ignore. Enjoy.

Tracklist :

Dave Ellesmere : Laguna

Blotnik Brothers : Tin Can (beats loop)

Kraftwerk : Tour de France (Francois K mix)

Blotnik Brothers : Undulation

Anthony Rother : God of the Gods

Silicon Scally : Non Functional

Little Computer People : Little Computer People (Karl Bartos remix)

Anthony Rother : Genstruktur

Bass Junkie : Welcome To Futura

Speedy J : Ieee Mitten Menu

Radioactive Man : Suity Bloke

Chaos A.D. : Mind war electro

Blotnik Brothers : Tin Can

The Stereo Nerds : H.D. Endless


ELECTRO MIX DOWNLOAD HERE >>>> mick-chillage-electro-mix-1.mp3

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunlit Flowers

Unsigned chillout track which is a completely original composition..

Mick Chillage on Soundcloud

You can stream various selections of my music from released tracks to works in progress etc..
at souncloud, which from time to time I will include free downloads : )
Expect anything from Ambient, electro, techno, deep house, IDM and beyond...

Latest tracks by mick chillage

Tales From The Igloo, one year since its release..

In 2009 Psychonavigation records released my debut album "Tales From The Igloo" the result of almost 13 years of experimenting with electronic sounds & structures while constantly redefining & perfecting my vision which draws from many influences, it also displays my passion for creating a wide range of genres within the electronic music spectrum..

The album is a collection of pieces created between 2005 & 2008 which were carefully chosen to display my deeper, atmospheric & more emotional side. blending Ambient, Electro, Techno, Dub & experimentalism to create a unique mixture of various moods, sometimes reaching epic wide screen scope. From the furthest outpost of distant galaxies on "Gateway Station" while returning to earth gracefully with the soulful electro blues of "Melting Emotion" to the disturbing dark environmental tones of "Disturbed Earth" & "Hypothermia". The album concludes on a high with a beautiful remix of "The Final Storm" by ambient pioneer Pentatonik.

"Tales From The Igloo" selection [psychonavigation] 2009 by mick chillage

The album is still available from various sources