Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mick Chillage "Rewired" Remix Collection Vol 1&2 Out Now!!

Over the last few years I have been fortunate to be asked to do many remixes for various labels,
artists, and friends, many of which saw mainly digital releases and a few which made it onto CD
and some of which unfortunately never ended up being released.

In some cases where I created an ambient remix of a techno track, I found these often got
overlooked somewhat, a problem due to the fact that they ended up in the techno or house
sections of Juno or Beatport etc.. I guess my thinking outside of the box in these very much
genre specific days was a poor creative decision on my part ? But my true feelings on the art of
remix is that the remix should really bring something new to the original track, rather than purely
just adding a new rhythm section or stuttering and juggling and filtering the musical elements of
the original.. So from a creative aspect I am still extremely happy with these remixes despite
their lack of critical or commercial success.

Now in 2013 I have over 30 remixes on my hard drive and feel that it would be a great time
to bring most of these together in two collections. Volume One of "Rewired" will focus on my Ambient/Experimental and Downtempo or Chillout reworks and Volume two will feature the
more upbeat moments which venture from Electro, Techno, House, IDM etc..
Both volumes will feature some previously unreleased remix exclusives.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the assistance of all the great artists
and labels who firstly so kindly asked me to remix them and now have given me the freedom
to finally release all these remixes myself... So a big thank you to all involved.

Download both collection from Bandcamp.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Autumn Of Communion 2 out now on Anodize Recordings

June 2013, see's the eagerly awaited follow up to my collaboration with Lee Anthony Norris AKA Norken, Metamatics etc under the Autumn Of Communion guise on Darren Bergstein's [Periphery] new sub label Anodize.

The debut Autumn Of Communion album was released last year on the legendary Fax label
just weeks before the sad passing of ambient master and label boss Pete Namlook,
which will now go down in history as the final release for the cult label.

Work began on Autumn Of Communion 2 in late November 2012 and continued through solidly until the end of January 2013, like the first outing AOC2 continues with themes of deep ambient, haunting soundscapes, deep bass frequencies, field recordings and moments of emotive melody so it should delight fans of the first but it also brings some new sonic terrain into the world of Autumn Of Communion.

Pre orders are now being taken from the Anodize website for the limited edition of 300 CD's
which comes in a metal case..

Download from the official Autumn Of Communion Bandcamp page

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mick Chillage "Vaporized [Special Bandcamp Edition]

The "Vaporized" EP was released on UK based Robot Records back in 2010. The EP was a collection of full on electro and breaks tracks which reached the top ten electro chart at Juno download plus the top of the Official StreetSounds Electro chart. for several weeks.

This new special edition sees the addition of two previously unreleased electro tracks "Bio Read Out" and "Electron" and is only available exclusively from bandcamp..

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mick Chillage "Departure First Class Edition"

In 2009 I released my second EP "Departure" for Irish based Techno label Nice and Nasty now
in their 20th year..Nice and Nasty are better known for their more dancefloor friendly cuts so the title "Departure"seemed more than fitting for the release that consisted of four "Chill Out" or
"Downtempo" electronic music that ranged from elements of Jazz to soundtrack inspired ambience to bleepy and bass driven frequencies.

Shortly after the release of the original EP a collection of remixes followed, a remix
EP of each track every three months which saw the likes of Finlands IDM master Lackluster
turning out a couple of rather stunning glitchy yet emotive remixes.

Dave Anderson [Ferox] Showing of his distinct freestyle keyboard playing style amongst some
funky yet minimal grooves.Tomas Jirku's remix went off on a really deep musical and majestic vibe.
Ireland's new techno shinning light The Parellel turned out a solid chunk of abstract electro which
got some airplay on Dave Clarke's White Noise radio show and UK based IDM/Classical
veteran Pentatonik delivered an epic cinematic remix of The Final Storm.

Some of the original artworks : Photo by Lee Fraged and design Desy Balmer

So January 2013 will see the release of Mick Chillage "Departure First Class Edition" an
exclusive to bandcamp which will feature all the remixes fifteen in total and
the four original tracks along with a previously unreleased exclusive all re-mastered and
available as a complete package or individual track downloads.