Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Autumn Of Communion 2 out now on Anodize Recordings

June 2013, see's the eagerly awaited follow up to my collaboration with Lee Anthony Norris AKA Norken, Metamatics etc under the Autumn Of Communion guise on Darren Bergstein's [Periphery] new sub label Anodize.

The debut Autumn Of Communion album was released last year on the legendary Fax label
just weeks before the sad passing of ambient master and label boss Pete Namlook,
which will now go down in history as the final release for the cult label.

Work began on Autumn Of Communion 2 in late November 2012 and continued through solidly until the end of January 2013, like the first outing AOC2 continues with themes of deep ambient, haunting soundscapes, deep bass frequencies, field recordings and moments of emotive melody so it should delight fans of the first but it also brings some new sonic terrain into the world of Autumn Of Communion.

Pre orders are now being taken from the Anodize website for the limited edition of 300 CD's
which comes in a metal case..

Download from the official Autumn Of Communion Bandcamp page

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