Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mick Chillage "Transitions" Out Now!!!

Generally my albums have been very much within the ambient spectrum but over the years I have been working on other genres of electronic music like house and techno which is were my interest in electronic music first stemmed.

In the late eighties I got hooked on acid house and techno, so anything from Mr Fingers to 808 state where frequently on my walkman, also around that period I was experiencing the strains of the embryonic Irish club scene, regularly venturing into legendary Dublin clubs like Sides DC. Through the nineties and naughties I still consumed plenty of techno,deep house etc and also produced a rather healthy amount groove based tracks.

So in May 2012 I'll release "Transitions" exclusively through bandcamp
which showcases a selection of my more upbeat orientated material.
The title "Transitions" seemed fitting as currently my personal life is in something of a transitional period, plus the music is something of a change to what I'm more associated with plus I see it as transitional phase for the way I'm now distributing some of my music, taking control 100% by releasing through bandcamp..

Purchase Album here "Transitions"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Resurge Two V/A [Free Download]

Greek based net label this-side release their second in the resurge series
on this-side down which usually focuses on their downtempo tracks.

This time "Resurge Two" focuses on the more upbeat electro flavoured side of things.

Likos serves up a slice of unique and sleazy electro funk with "Late Nites"
Lee Fraged delivers some deep and atmospheric future funk on "Helix"
Track three features an exclusive track from myself titled "Alive With Wires"
which finishes of the electro tinged EP nicely..

You can download the EP for free from here Resurge Two