Friday, July 16, 2010

Mick Chillage eclectro electro mix

I'm gonna post links to various mixes I've created over the last few years, thought I'd start with this electro mix I created a few years back..

Most of these are hosted at XFM Dublin's website home of The Chillage Idiots..

Mick Chillage Ableton electro mix was exclusively created for the guys at

who run a fantastic web site dedicated to all things electronic - full of news, features, links to free downloads, mixes etc. The guys ran a feature on my recent breaks mix & many more Mick Chillage related works. Paul Chillage suggested that I might do an exclusive electro mix for their site and when I put it to them - their response was something that I could not ignore. Enjoy.

Tracklist :

Dave Ellesmere : Laguna

Blotnik Brothers : Tin Can (beats loop)

Kraftwerk : Tour de France (Francois K mix)

Blotnik Brothers : Undulation

Anthony Rother : God of the Gods

Silicon Scally : Non Functional

Little Computer People : Little Computer People (Karl Bartos remix)

Anthony Rother : Genstruktur

Bass Junkie : Welcome To Futura

Speedy J : Ieee Mitten Menu

Radioactive Man : Suity Bloke

Chaos A.D. : Mind war electro

Blotnik Brothers : Tin Can

The Stereo Nerds : H.D. Endless


ELECTRO MIX DOWNLOAD HERE >>>> mick-chillage-electro-mix-1.mp3

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