Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mick Chillage Journey thru my house Vol 1

Mick chillage journey thru my house vol 1

Journey thru my house is a deep house megamix, which I created using ableton live back in 2007 most of the tracks have been selected from various CD albums which I have purchased over the years.

Hope you enjoy Mick Chillage


Marco Passarani : Criticize (Sullen Look) peacefrog

Metro : $1.15 Please (Freddie fresh presents abstract funk theory) Obsessive

Glenn Underground : Return to zion (Lounge excursions) guidance

Kerrier district : Lets dance & freak (Kerrier district) rephlex

Jori Holkkonen : Wanna do you (when no one is watching we are invisible ) F comm

Boy robot : we accept all our parents credit cards (rotten cocktails) City centre offices

Sunday brunch : My world (no resistance) Svek

Vince watson : Mystical rhythm (Biologique) Alola

St Germain : IL (from detroit to st germain) F comm

Susumu Yakota : Sky blue (sound of sky) exceptional

Plastique : Laugh gas '98 (Atom tm presents acid evolution 1988-2003) logistic

Sunday brunch : Things you said / night drive mix (no resistance ) Svek

Jorgen Paap : Mit dir (total 4) Kompakt

Chris Grey : Sun needs planet (fish & luvconfushun) fragmented

David Alvarado : My Plea (Mayasongs) peacefrog

The timewriter : the waterfront (Paintbox) Plastic city

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