Monday, July 19, 2010

Electric Deluxe podcasts with Pete Namlook and Atom™

Jochem Paap Aka "Speedy J" who has recorded for labels Warp, Nova Mute etc.. is the Rotterdam based techno producer who runs the Electric Deluxe label. The electric deluxe podcasts are quickly becoming a thing of legend amongst fans of truly cutting edge electronica and techno music, here I present two podcasts by two of Germany's most influential artists and two of my personal favorites.

First is Frankfurt based Pete Namlook who pioneered the next phase of ambient music in the early to mid 90's with his incredibly prolific Fax label, which often released an album a week in the early days. Today the label is still going strong and covering everything from ambient, techno, jazz, IDM, and beyond.

Over the years Pete has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the electronica scene, Ritchie Hawtin, Klaus Schulze, Bill Laswell, Jochem Paap, and Move D to name a few. Pete prefers the term "Environmental" music rather than the often misused "Ambient" title.

Next, Uwe Schmidt Aka Atom Heart, Atom tm and a million other aliases and sometimes collaborator with Namlook as "Jet Chamber" Uwe has pretty much made every kind of electronic music known to mankind but with a unique and distinctive Atom™ sound sometimes with a satyrical look at current trends in music production and modern culture.
Uwe is pretty much one of the first artists to intentionally use digital glitches as an integral part of his compositions, which now has become almost common place.
Uwe moved to South America in the mid 90's as he got bored with the scene in Germany, while there he soaked up the flavors of latin music and the aliases Lisa Carbon and Senor Coconut amongst others were born.. Uwe runs his own label "Rather Interesting" but has released on many many labels like Rephlex, Pod, Fax, and Ninja Tune.

Both mixes include much of their own work along side some of their favorite artists. So wether your a longtime fan or discovering these two great artist for the first time I'm sure you will enjoy..

Electric Deluxe Podcast 014 Pete Namlook by electric deluxe

Electric Deluxe Podcast 022 Atom™ by electric deluxe

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