Sunday, July 25, 2010

Free Mick Chillage Music

Over the last few years I have released some music with various net labels and shared some tracks on soundcloud etc, with pretty much everything from ambient, house, techno, IDM etc..

Kosmo Net label via soundcloud

Mick CHILLAGE by kosmo netlabel

From Etoka Miniature via souncloud

Mick Chillage - Zero In by EtokaMiniature

07 Mick Chillage - Sightings (original mix) by EtokaMiniature

From my soundcloud page

Deep ambient remix of Radioscotvoid chiptune "I love Special K"

Radio ScotVoid "I Love Special K" Mick Chillage's Black Hole remix by mick chillage

The Beast, Hardcore breaks gabba mashup of Gerry Goldsmiths "Omen" score..

The beast by mick chillage

Early ambient electro recording

Another Night Drive [1997] edit by mick chillage

Another early recording, ambient, IDM..

A Good Nights Bleep by mick chillage

3 track EP "Eye On The City" from

Chicago inspired deep house track

Chicago pad [download limit reached] by mick chillage


Get this track and the full compilation here

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