Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Best Served Chilled" an early mix tape recreated


Finally I have got around to recreating side two of my "Best Served Chilled" mix tape This is an early chillout mix tape I created back in late 1994 using just a Kam dj mixer and two portable CD players with no pitch control.. I painstakingly worked out the mixes relying on the LCD countdown of the CD players and using the faders to blend the tracks. One of the later tapes has mixed by "the Chillage Idiot" written on the inlay card.. A lot of these tapes were passed on to friends and are listened to in far away places like Australia, Ibiza etc..

Thanks to Carl for keeping these cassettes and for sending me copy's of the original inlay cards with the track listings etc.. I have yet to re hear the originals but from my best memory I have recreated the mix digitally and Again all these tracks bring back great memories of a period in electronic music when everything sounded fresh and they had a profound emotional and inspirational impact on me..

Some of you will probably be very familiar with the artists and the tracks on the mix, but for those of you who may be hearing these for the first time,I hope you enjoy the timeless quality of these tracks as much has I have over the years..

Side One :

Reload : the enlightenment (a collection of short stories) Infonet

Brian Eno : an ending ascent (Apollo atmospheres & soundtracks) editions EG

Syzygy : Dreams of flying (Morphic resonance) rising high

Global communication : 4:02 (76:14) dedicated

Future Sound Of London : Flak (Lifeforms) Virgin

Vangelis : Main titles part 2 (Blade runner OST) Warner

Reload : Phase 4 (Auto reload EP) Infonet

Biosphere : Startoucher (Patashnik) Apollo

Pete Namlook : traveling without moving, trip 8 (Air 2) Fax

Reload : the biosphere [Global communication remix](Auto reload EP) Infonet

Side Two :

Track list :

Chapterhouse : Delta Phase (ChapterHouse Blood Music retranslated by Global Communication) Dedicated

Stevie Be Zet : Passion and Hope (Archaic Modulation) Recycle or Die

Future Sound Of London : Dead Skin Cells Virgin

Jam and Spoon : N.A.S.A (Tripomatic Fairy tales 2002) Epic

Banca De Gaia : Shanti (Desert Wind) Planet Dog

Beaumont Hannant : A Summer Spent (Texturology) GPR

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