Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tales From The Igloo, one year since its release..

In 2009 Psychonavigation records released my debut album "Tales From The Igloo" the result of almost 13 years of experimenting with electronic sounds & structures while constantly redefining & perfecting my vision which draws from many influences, it also displays my passion for creating a wide range of genres within the electronic music spectrum..

The album is a collection of pieces created between 2005 & 2008 which were carefully chosen to display my deeper, atmospheric & more emotional side. blending Ambient, Electro, Techno, Dub & experimentalism to create a unique mixture of various moods, sometimes reaching epic wide screen scope. From the furthest outpost of distant galaxies on "Gateway Station" while returning to earth gracefully with the soulful electro blues of "Melting Emotion" to the disturbing dark environmental tones of "Disturbed Earth" & "Hypothermia". The album concludes on a high with a beautiful remix of "The Final Storm" by ambient pioneer Pentatonik.

"Tales From The Igloo" selection [psychonavigation] 2009 by mick chillage

The album is still available from various sources

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