Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alka "Compounded" Remix Album

Philadelphia based Bryan Michael, AKA Alka creates some of the most stunningly beautiful electronic music, he effortlessly blends a huge palette of sound into some of the most memorable and emotive electronica. Alka's work is often full of intricate detail and rhythm but he always leaves plenty of room for melody which is often lost by many in the IDM genre.

May 2011 will see the release of Alka's Compounded" which is a collection of remixes from his excellent "A Dog Lost In The Woods" album which was released on the diverse Electronic Eel label in 2009. The compilation features remixes from some rather well known names from around the globe, Icelandic based Ruxpin [electrolux] Gate Zero [fax] and also along side label mates City Rain and Axiotronic plus other rising names, all showing their unique take on Alka's already mesmerising work.

All proceeds from the album will be donated to the Peta2 organisation.

Check out more info on Alka @ Discogs

I am also proud that my remix of "What Will Become Of Your High Existence" has been included.

Alka's "What Will Become Of Your High Existence?" [micks ghostly echoes mix] by mick chillage

"Compounded' is released on May 17th 2011

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