Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mick Chillage : FAXology PS 08/122

I've been meaning for sometime to write an article on Fax records but I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be writing an article about my own release for the label.

Fax records have been a major influence on me ever since I discovered the cult electronic imprint back in 1993. While so many labels have come and gone since its inception in 1992 Fax still continue with the same open minded approach and high quality standard, breaking new artists and giving Pete himself and many veterans of the scene a platform to release cutting edge and experimental music.

Fax continue to release on CD and focus on full albums while many independent labels struggle to survive with just MP3 releases. Over the years the label has pioneered completely new formats like the MP3 CD [several albums on one disc] and double discs with DTS and regular stereo versions included, so with names like, Klaus Schulze, Anthony Rother, Ritchie Hawtin, Move D and even the godfather of ambient himself Brian Eno and many collaborations with Pete, its no surprise to the labels continued success.

Over the years some of my productions have had a Fax records feel, not that I ever consciously set out to emulate the sound, I guess its down to the fact that I have listened to so much of Fax over the years, it just instinctively appears in the creative process. So it has always been a dream that one day I may release on the label, I've had plenty of friends and followers of my music saying "That has a strong Fax vibe" or "why don't you send some music to Namlook"

So Mick Chillage "FAXology" is a result of me psyching myself up to send Peter a demo for Fax records, as the title suggest the CD is collection of Fax inspired pieces which Pete felt would suit a release to celebrate the labels fast approaching 20th year. Pete said while listening to the works he began to reminisce about the early days of Fax with albums like Broadway 2350 etc and felt the time was right for such a release.

So I am absolutely delighted to be part of this incredible legacy and to present a collection of my Fax inspired works just before Fax celebrate its 20th birthday.

Mick Chillage FAXology CD is out 14/06/2011

Check the official info here

FAXology PS08/122 Teaser Clips forthcoming on Fax [Germany] by mick chillage

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