Monday, July 11, 2011

Psychonavigation records "Mindfield"

Dublin based Ambient, electronica, alternative label Psychonavigation celebrated its 10Th anniversary last year and to celebrate it label boss Keith Downey decided to release a compilation, as time went by the compilation just seem to snow ball and now it actually arrives one year later.

The "Mindfield" compilation features some truly stellar names like The Future Sound Of London, Move D, Scanner, Spacetime Continuum amongst others on both the CD and digital release, there's no doubt that there's a certain wink to those who originally inspired the label many years ago. Both versions include a selection of previously unreleased material some tracks taken from forthcoming and previously released works on Psychonavigation itself and some previously released material from other labels.

"Mindfield" digital release version.

With over twenty tracks on the digital release it is obvious that many of these do not feature on the CD but also some of the CD tracks are not on the digital so there are some exclusives on both formats a cheeky but clever move for the label.

I know it may seem a little unfair for me to review a compilation that includes my own "Veymx", but I will try to be as honest as possible. Over all the compilation is quiet varied, with many genre's popping up along the way, from the massive cinematic techno of the black Dog's remix of Anodyne's "Corrosion" to the ambitious electro R&B pop song of Meljoanns "So Academic" to Rival Ace's minimal hip hop Rap of "My 1st Verse" so the comp is very much suited to the digital consumer, only purchase the tracks you like.

Highlights include:

More from the mighty Anodyne with his "Symmetry" epic synth strings and blistering breakbeats. [Digital]

Norken's "Pretty Bubblegum" a Haunting micro tech house jam [CD version and Digital]

Drafts On A Theme's "74" with their rather melancholic piano and beats combo [Digital]

The Future Sound Of London's "Heart Sick Chord" classical meets electronica [CD and Digital]

Space Time Continuum's deep tech soul of "Beryllium" [CD and Digital]

One of the albums biggest surprises is from newcomer Jez Wells with the deeply moving and accomplished composition of "Ydok"[Digital]

Finland's finest electronic export Lackluster gives us a melodic and ethereal IDM track in the shape of "Be the Trimtab" [Digital]

Dialog's haunting dubby "Ghosts" [Digital]

The godfather of Irish electronica Roger Doyle finishes off with the moving strings and modulated synths of "From The Room" [CD and Digital]

So in conclusion "Mindfield" [Digital] is a highly ambitious electronic music compilation which I feel is pretty accessible in most cases and it should appeal to a wide range of electronic music tastes and should further psychonavigation's identity as a forward thinking,open minded
label who's not afraid to mix up genres and new and well established artists.

You can judge my inclusion here : )

"Veymx" [Taken from "Mindfield" on Psychonavigation records] by mick chillage

CD only Highlights:

David Morley "Equator" previously released on his excellent "Ghosts" album.

Robert Leiner's "Tung Gung" a tough polyrythmic journey of tech breaks, previously unreleased.

Boxcutter's rather Aphexish melodic mentalism of "Diagonal Reader" previously unreleased.

Enrico Coniglio "The Girl From Murania" from Enrico's "Topfonie 2"
Feat Arve Henrksen's trademark haunting trumpet playing.

Scanner's "Persephone" a spine tingling epic soundtrack inspired piece.

Sense "Less Than Perfect" a deeply moving ambient composition that's reminiscent of the finest tracks off Aphex Twins Selected Ambient Works Volume 2.

Karol Gwozdz "Gurnolsunkje Tragedyje" a delicate yet highly emotive piano and strings combo of incredible beauty.

So even though the CD version has some of the same tracks as the digital, I feel the CD certainly works better as a more cohesive listen, thanks to a solid helping of some of the biggest names in the ambient techno/IDM scene which gives you a glimpse of the labels influential past particularly from track two with Spacetime continuum's "Beryllium to track six with the Black Dogs epic remix of Anodyne's "Corrosion" its almost like hearing Warp's Artificial Intelligence again for the very first time.

From track nine onwards, starting with FSOL's chamber music inspired "Heart Sick Chord" "Mindfield" certainly showcases the labels more recent obsession with the classical/ambient genre and maybe its a glimpse of the future for Psychonavigation? but it certainly finishes off "Mindfield" beautifully.

"Mindfield" is released on the 29Th of July 2011
Order direct from Psychonavigation

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