Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Early MC-303 Tracks 1996 To 1998 Volume Two" Out Now!!!

In March 2012 I released my “Early MC303 Tracks 1996 to 1998 Volume One”.A collection of tracks which showcased my early productions which covered many genres within the electronic music spectrum. For Volume One I mainly selected tracks from my minidisc recordings archive as many of the tracks were no longer stored on my MC303's memory. From these original recordings I edited and mastered them in Ableton live.

So after the success of Volume One, July 2012 will see the release of Volume Two. This time many of the tracks sequences were still contained within the MC303’s memory so I was fortunate enough to be able to re-record many of the tracks into Ableton and mix and arrange within the program. 

I have been very strict to not get lost using Ableton’s wide range of features and FX so I kept the tracks original feel by staying within the restriction of the MC303's architecture, so I only used the maximum of eight track sequencing, two simulataneous effects and low pass filters etc.. just like the MC303.

One or two of the tracks also feature the mighty Korg Prophecy
which I added to my set up in early 1998 but using the MC303 to sequence on one channel only due to the Prophecy’s monophonic and single timbral system.

Again it has been great fun revisiting these tracks and brings me back to a time when I was still listening to so much music and drawing inspiration from many genres which is clearly evident in both collections. I’m still very proud of most these tracks and it is great to be able to release these early recordings finally, something that has been nagging in my conscience for many years.

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