Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Autumn Of Communion" on FAX +49-69/450464

November 2012 will see the release of a new collaboration project between Myself and Lee Anthony Norris AKA Metamatics/Norken/Nacht Plank etc.. Lee rose from the UK electronica/IDM explosion of the early to mid nineties with his Metamatics alias which saw a series of 12"s and album on the seminal but now defunct yet highly respected Clear records.  Lee also pioneered his own take on House and Techno under the guise of Norken and environmental ambient sounds as Nacht Plank. Lee founded the seminal  Neo Ouija records in 2000.

Autumn Of Communion was born almost as quickly as the seasons themselves change..
In summer of 2012 Lee and I discussed a collaboration which could possibly convey
everything we love about electronic music, movies, the mysteries of nature/life and beyond  by combining each of our own musical idiosyncrasies.

The results are a synergistic kaleidoscope of deeply atmospheric drones, lush synthwork and emotive melody with environmental touches and intricate rhythmic details which reflect a hint of classic 90's ambient/electronica but displays a strong unique identity.  

So the new project "Autumn Of Communion" will be release on the legendary Fax records
run by the highly prolific ambient master Pete Namlook, the label now running in its 20th year and still releasing full CD albums which is a testament to Pete's dedication as many electronic music labels struggle today with digital only releases. So I am absolutely delighted to have been fortunate enough to work with such an influential artist of mine and then to finding a home for the project with Fax has been a dream come true.

CD's can now be ordered directly from Pete Namlook
US orders are handled by  ear-rational  Autumn of Communion
Download from itunes

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