Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mick Chillage's "Old School Classics Megamix"


Everyone has their own definition of what old school is or what classic dance, techno, house, music is, I guess this is a collection of mine.. This mix will hopefully appeal to those who were around in the late 80's to mid 90's and maybe the younger clubber who has an interest in the past.. Also you may notice the dominance of the UK scene in the mix, this is due to the fact that the records of Detroit and Chicago etc.. had not really penetrated Ireland in the early days except for maybe kevin Saunderson's Inner city project or Rhythim is Rhythim "strings of life" which I originally had in the mix and later removed.

In my early years of clubbing I always wanted to hear a perfect mix of my favorite tracks, and sometimes I came very close, but the DJ would usually fuck it up with something like Black box's "ride on time".. or even worse Timmy Mallet's "Teeny Weeny Polka Dot Bikini" which had the ubiquitous "Aw Yeah" Public Enemy sample in it... Anyway fast forward to present day, I am fortunate to have all of these influential tracks in my CD collection and some amazing music making software called Ableton and now I have what I would call the perfect Dj set of my favorite old school classic's Ok some of the tracks may not be seen by many as classic or even old school, but they just connected with me in that unexplainable way...

Hope you enjoy
Mick Chillage Aug 2007
Mick Chillage Old School classics megamix
Tracklist :
Inner city : goodlife
Humanoid : Stakker Humanoid
L.F.O : L.F.O
Sweet Exorcist : Testone
A guy called gerald : Voodoo Ray
Meat Beat manifesto : Radio Babylon
Future Sound of London : Papua New Guinea
Depeche Mode : Happiest girl (Orb mix)
Orbital : Chime
Joey Beltram : Energy flash
Hardfloor : Accperiance
Slam : Positive education
Jam & spoon : Stella
Luke Slater : Love (Mick chillage extended edit medley)
808 state : Pacific 202

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