Friday, August 27, 2010

Sage Taylor "Raintime" on Pronounce records.

Pronounce records, a DIY label based in Detroit release their third very limited CD album from electronic composer Sage Taylor who is based in Portland Oregon.

What's hard to Believe is an album of this quality is unfortunately limited to one hundred copies, its a sad sign of todays physical market I guess ? I feel the music on here would appeal to wide range of music fans, if it was given a bigger push.

"Raintime" lies somewhere between the minimal classical compositions of steve Reich and Michael Nyman to the dreamy moments of say John Beltran's ambient techno but without the use of 4/4 beats.

I found the overall concept and theme of the album similar to Yagya's "Rigning" which of course is the Icelandic for rain but Sage's work is a very different affair but equally as hypnotic and deeply calming yet delivering a deep sense of meloncholy and emotions that only those wet home bound days can sometimes bring..

A truly essential release that only one hundred lucky people will get to hear, and I'm happy to be one of them..

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