Friday, August 13, 2010

Mick Chillage Ambient Journeys Mixes. four hours @320kbps


Heres my first ambient mix, since the "Best Served Chilled" tapes of 94 & 95 and a rather lengthy four hours in total thanks to developments in technology & a substantial collection of ambient music. I decided to split them into two parts and offer the files at 320kbps after getting some feedback on various forums on what is the perfect ambient mix.. I may upload the whole mix in one piece later..I feel this mix is more suited to personal listening rather than trying to chill people out at a social gathering, as it shifts from very dark minimal drones and deep environmental sounds to gentle classical pieces to pure space music & occasionally returning to earth with more emotional compositions . Fortunately due to the very long running time of the mix I was able to included full length versions of most of the tracks while using a repeated theme at various intervals using multi-tracking additional looping & effects.

I hope to create many more "Ambient Journeys" although a title probably a little cliched by now ; )

Mick Chillage June 2009

Ambient mix 1 part A

01 Hal 9000 intro
02 Cyorgy Ligeti: Requiem For Soprano..... "2001 A Space odyssey" O.S.T
03 Jack Dangers : Burbidge Chain "Music For Planetarium" [brainwashed]
04 Lustmord : Metastatic Resonance " The Place Where the black stars hang" [Soleilmoon recordings]
05 Lull : Whiteout "Like A Slow River" [Glacial movements]
06 J.S. Bach : Italian Concerto BWV 971 "Cello Suites" [Apex]
07 Steve Hillage : Garden Of Paradise (excerpt) "Rainbow Dome Musick [Virgin]
08 Aaron Martin and MachineFabriek : Cello Drowning "Cello Recycling / Cello Drowning [Type]
09 Irezumi : Endurance Part II "Endurance [Snowblood]
10 Dots : Dots "Dots" [Rather Interesting]
11 Cluster : Cluster 71 part II (excerpt) "Cluster 71" [Sky]
12 Selstram and Strahler : Waldschrat "^ö^" [Source]
13 J.S Bach : Orchestral Suit No.3 in D Air On A G String "Cello Suites" [Apex]
14 John Foxx : Infinite In All Directions "Ocean Cathedrals I" [Edsel]
15 Johann Johannsson : IBM 1403 Printer "IBM 14CI, A Users Manual" [4AD]
16 Stars Of The Lid : Even If Your Never Awake (Deuxième) [Kranky]

Ambient Mix 1 Part B

17 Murcof : Cosmos 1 "Cosmos" [Leaf]
18 Evan Bartholomew : Reborn We Fluctuate And Fade "Caverns Of Time" [Somnia]
19 Mark Van Hoen : Untitled "Playing with Time" [Apollo]
20 Miles Tilmann : Middle Fields "3D Concepts" [Toytronic]
21 Adagio : Gayane Ballet Suite "2001 A Space Odyssey" O.S.T.
22 James Bernard : Mars Rain "Atmospherics" [Rising High]
23 Gel-Sol : Rainboze "IZ" [Psychonavigation]
24 Goldmund : Anomolie Loop (1960-1969) "Corduroy Road" [Type]
25 Chapterhouse : Beta Phase "Blood Music Retranslated By Global Communication" [Dedicated]
26 Stevie Be Zet : Passion & Hope "Archaic Modulation" [Recycle or die]
27 The Fires Of Ork : The Facts Of Life "The Fires Of Ork" [Apollo]

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