Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anodyne Corrosion remixes EP Out Now!!!

In May 2010 Irish electronica master Colin Cloughley AKA Anodyne returned after a lengthy hiatus with his Corrosion album on Dublin Based Psychonavigation records, "Corrosion" is journey through the dark side of dance music, full of apocalyptic orchestrated synth arrangements with truly dancefloor devastating caustic beats and growling basslines which pays respect to early 90's artists like AFX, Autechre, ยต-Ziq and many many more. "Corrosion" is certainly a contender for many electronica fans as one of the best albums for 2010.

August 2010 sees the release of The Corrosion remix EP firstly in the digital format consisting of seven tracks and then in september a limited three track 12" vinyl release featuring remixes from Autechre, The Black Dog and Lackluster. The digital release includes extra remixes by Ed Devane, Mr Spring, Anodyne and Mick Chillage.. This is certainly the greatest collection of big league elctronica names ever seen on an Irish release!!!

Autechre's remix of "Close Your Eye's" sees Manchester's finest go in an old school direction with the use of the infamous "Funky Drummer" break yet paying close attention to keeping the spirit of the original track by adding further key changes in the lush pad sequences and other intricate details.

The Black dogs remix of "Corrosion" starts off in a minimal techno terrain accopannied with bleeping synths and other electronic tones which develops into some deeply cinematic synth action of epic proportions. reminiscent of early Reload/Global communication tracks.

Lackuster turns out probably the most technologically advance remix of them all on his reworking of "707" with his trademarked edited beats and experimental electronics but with that melodic and emotional feel that only Lackluster can deliver.

Ed Devane treats us to a hardcore breaks and bass mash up of "Haze" which should appeal to fans of Venetian Snares etc, while Mr Spring keeps his eye on the dancefloor with his rendition of "Wasteland"

Anodyne's "Chemical Sunset" Mick Chillage Remix [Promo Edit Version] by mick chillage

The EP is available from the following : itunes, boomkat.com, junodownload.com, bleep.com, Beatport.com and many more..

Sample all the tracks here on the junodownload player

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