Monday, September 12, 2011

Mick Chillage "Night Works" Out now!!!!!!!

Lee Norris AKA Norken, Metamatics etc and founder of seminal UK electronica label Neo Ouija has just released my third CD album "Night Works" on his newly formed ambient experimental label ...txt recordings.

"Night Works" as the title suggests is a collection of ambient pieces created and recorded in the early hours and inspired by night time which conveys a wide range of emotions and moods that the twilight hours can bring.

The label will release strictly limited edition CD's and already has many beautiful releases in the pipeline, including albums by Solipsism AKA Craig Murphy [Herb recordings] and a new amazing discovery Ersha, plus works from Lee himself under is Nacht Plank guise.

"Night Works" is out now and it is limited to 200 copies

"Night Works" teaser forthcoming on ...txt by Mick Chillage

txt ...bolt ons by ...txt

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