Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mick Chillage "Soul Ideals" EP

"Soul Ideals" is one of those tracks which has been floating around since the early naughties, Inspired by the early house sound of artists like Larry Heard etc, or so I've been told, it fits more into the downtempo/home listening arena..

The EP came about after I uploaded the track to soundcloud and posted it on facebook, after many requests for remixing the original I felt I had a really nice collection of remixes which took the original to a wider audience and I set about finding a home for a possible release. Eventually the collection landed with Irish based NiceandNasty records.

So the EP opens with the stunning rework from Dave Anderson [ferox] clocking in at over nine minutes, Dave weaves some incredible freestyle funky lead work around some of the source material along with his own tech grooves and production..

Next we have Monsieur Electonique AKA Dimitris Pataras from Athens Greece, giving it a minimalistic intricate techno feel but keeping the focus on emotion.

Iceland's Arni Gretar, AKA Futuregrapher injects a retro-futuristic Detroit vibe full of classic 909 programming and spine tingling atmospherics.

Finally we have two remixes from Florida based Phasen, who's no stranger to Niceand Nasty and the sister label DXR. Ryans mix [Phasen's Ambient Idealism] focuses on deep emotion and deep house grooves, if you can imagine Vangelis meets The Art of Noise meets The Timewriter you're halfway there.

Phasen again shows his incredible talent both with his keywork and beautiful production values.. The Reprise is a beat less version of his remix with additional piano keys and other worldliness.

The "Soul Ideals" EP is out now [digital only] from all the usual stores.

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